Why the government wants you to drive new cars

JonathanMarch 17, 2014

Car leasing can give you an affordable way to get your hands on a brand new model from some of the world's leading manufacturers. For companies and individuals alike, it can be a persuasive option that allows you to save money, while driving a high standard vehicle. 

However, by driving a brand new car, not only do you get to look great but you are also privy to a number of tax exemptions and benefits from the government. But why do David Cameron and his pals want you to ditch your old banger in favour of a brand new car?

CO2 emissions
It's common knowledge that newer cars are better for the environment, as well as for your own wallet, and this is good news for the UK government. As part of the Kyoto agreement, the UK needs to reduce the amount of waste and pollution it produces every year, and a big part of this is car pollution – especially in inner cities.

The protocol forces all nations who have signed it to reduce their emissions by an agreed amount each year and reach targets by a certain date. It is a legally binding document, which puts the UK at risk of legal action or fines if they don't meet their promises.

EU obligations
As well as the Kyoto agreement, the UK is also a member of the EU, which has its own bunch of requirements to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases across the government. In order to meet EU regulations, the UK needs to reduce the amount of pollution that is emitted from cars in big cities like London and Birmingham. 

It is thought that around 11 per cent of the world's greenhouse gases come from Europe, meaning it has strict targets to meet. The UK must show it is doing its share to meet the proposed measures to make sure it avoid fines and legal action. The EU has been particularly successful in reducing its emissions as it has managed to grow the continent's economy at the same time. However, there is still a long way to go, meaning the UK must continue to encourage drivers to get behind the wheel of more efficient vehicles.

For 2020, the EU has made a unilateral commitment to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions from its 28 member states by 20 per cent compared to 1990's levels.

Save petrol and diesel 
We all know that fossil fuels are running out and new cars are far more efficient when it comes to using petrol and diesel. The UK's government has also committed to investing more in new technologies such as eco-friendly cars that produce no pollution and electric cars. It is working on creating a massive infrastructure so that electric car users can recharge their vehicles from anywhere in the UK. All this means Britain is managing to drive down the amount of fossil fuels that are used by cars across the country. Not only does this mean less pollution is being emitted, but it is working on a more sustainable way of allowing people to continue driving as they want.

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