Windscreen-mounted telematics solution to be unveiled

JonathanJuly 4, 2012

A unique, windscreen-mounted telematics solution will be unveiled at Post Magazine’s Insurance Telematics Expo 2012 this month.

The convention will be held on July 11th and is expected to bring together experts from all parts of the car leasing and personal contract hire industry, which is presumably why Cobra UK is using it to promote its new technology.

In the telematics industry, Cobra UK has been a long-standing pioneer and the new window-mounted device offers a huge array of benefits to fleet operators – not least enhanced data provision and shorter installation times.

The company will also take the opportunity to discuss the future of the telematics industry and the effect that it will have on fleet management specialists insurance policies.

Cobra UK’s solutions are already used across Britain and mainland Europe, but mounting the technology on the windscreen is a UK first.

Being in constant view of the vehicle operator, it promotes responsible driver behaviour. The Black Box records everything from speed to cornering, breaking to impact events.

Andrew Smith, managing director at Cobra UK, said: “The usage-based insurance market is growing rapidly as innovative technology delivers proven, scalable and highly efficient ways for insurers to reduce risk, based on actual driver behaviour.”

He added that with insurance premiums getting more costly, it is vital that fleet operators do everything within their power to drive down their outgoings.

[“]Our windscreen mounted device is a new development that we know will help to further reduce premiums, as well as contributing to improved road safety, by encouraging safer driving,” Mr Smith concluded.

According to new research from Frost & Sullivan, entitled Strategic Analysis of the European Trailer Telematics Market, less than five per cent of trailer fleet operators are currently using such technology and this figure is expected to rise. By 2017, 18.2 per cent of operators could be using the technology, the research specialist stated.

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