Worst road trip partners

JonathanApril 23, 2014

For many of us, driving is one of the life's simple pleasures. All you need is a decent day, an open road and a tank full of petrol and there is nothing better. However, there is one thing that can take all the magic away from this small slice of perfection – other people.

Whether it's your cranky kids, nagging partner or irritating family that ruin your experience behind the wheel, we can all agree that it is who you are travelling with, or without, that makes the perfect road trip. 

A new poll has ranked the worst celebs to share a car with, and reality stars come pretty high up on the list. The Daily Mail reports that infamous couple Kimye dominated the top of the poll, with Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kanye West taking first and third place respectively.

However, it wasn't just Americans that were leaving us irritated behind the wheel. Katie Price also made an appearance at second place on the list. It seems that many drivers would also like to "consciously uncouple" from Gwyneth Paltrow as she took fourth place.

Unsurprisingly, politicians were also a common nomination for the list, with Ed Miliband taking the highest ranking amongst government figures with fifth position. No party escaped this debate though as prime minister David Cameron finished in seventh and Nick Clegg took the tenth spot.

Compared to these, it appears that our families really aren't that bad, as "the in-laws" barely made it into the top ten sitting in ninth place. Indeed, when faced with the alternatives, it seems that we are quite happy to settle in behind the wheel with our other half and hit the open road. According to the poll, our partner beat Hollywood hunks such as Brad Pitt or George Clooney. 

Once you have your family and partner on-board, the only thing you then need is a reliable and good-looking vehicle. Car leasing can give you a wide range of models to pick from, making it easier to find the ideal choice for you and your passengers.

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