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JonathanApril 1, 2014

A huge number of drivers support the initiative to reduce the speed limit to 20mph in some areas. Brake and Allianz Insurance are taking their GO 20 campaign to a parliamentary reception later this week (April 2nd). The meeting will allow the groups to discuss the benefits of introducing a 20mph limit and what progress has been made by local authorities that have already piloted the idea.

Road safety minister Robert Goodwill will be talking about the benefits of a lower speed limit, along with Dave Britt who lost his son. The pair will both discuss how a 20mph speed limit could save lives on the UK's roads.

Brake has said that it makes social and economic sense to introduce the lower speed limit, which will benefit communities across the country. It is estimated that around 12.5 million people in the UK are now living in areas where a 20mph restriction has been introduced in their local area.

Places that have reduced the speed limit in certain areas have seen a significant reduction in casualties. Portsmouth saw a 22 per cent decrease, while Camden experienced a 54 per cent fall in the number of crashes. 

Apart from reducing the number of people injured and killed in road accidents, the new 20mph limits also promises to help improve public health and social activity. There will be significant reductions in congestion, pollution and noise, making it more comfortable and safer for people to walk and cycle.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, Brake, said: "The GO 20 campaign is about defending everyone's right to walk and cycle freely without being endangered, whether it's to get to work, school, the shops, or just getting out and being active." 

Ms Townsend said we need to "tackle the senseless and violent casualties that continue to happen daily on our roads", which will help people in the UK to live healthy, active, social lives. 

She said that introducing 20mph limits in communities can help make this happen and many people already support the move. 

"It's time for the government to GO 20 nationally, to save councils money and help create safe, active, happy communities nationwide," added Ms Townsend.

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