Are car leasing customers altering driving habits to save fuel?

JonathanApril 15, 2011

An online survey has revealed that over half of motorists have made changes to their driving habits in a bid to improve fuel efficiency.

Motorpoint questioned over 2,700 drivers in the UK and found that 64 per cent of them had altered their behaviour behind the wheel in an attempt to cut fuel consumption and combat rising prices at the pumps.

David Shelton, managing director for Motorpoint, commented: “It is clear from our poll that the cost of fuel is starting to have an effect on the way in which people drive, a trend that is likely to continue unless the government changes its motoring policies.”

People looking for new car leasing deals could be drawn to more fuel-efficient models as one way in which to reduce the cost of driving.

Turning to electric vehicles is another option, with the European Commission announcing last month that it aims to phase out the use of “conventionally-fuelled cars” in cities within the EU by 2050.

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