BMW to debut 4 cars at the Shanghai Motor Show

JonathanApril 19, 2011

Car leasing firms specialising in high-end and prestige motors may be interested in the latest offerings from German car marque BMW.

The BMW Group has announced that it will be debuting four new models at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show in China, including vehicles that showcase the firm’s work in the electromobility sector.

Car leasing customers with green motoring in mind might have their interest piqued by vehicles such as the BMW Concept M5, the latest BMW 6 Series Coupe, the Goodwood Mini and the plug-in hybrid saloon in the 5 Series.

Furthermore, car leasing firms travelling to Shanghai for the prestigious motor show will be able to talk to English-speaking BMW representatives about the new models.

The news comes after Seat recently announced that as of 2012, it will export its Leon and Ibiza models to the Chinese market, as now is the right time to make a move into the country’s motoring sector.

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