Are lease cars becoming greener?

JonathanJune 30, 2011

New lease cars may be becoming greener, new research would appear to indicate.

Data released by the European Environment Agency reveals the average carbon footprint created by a new passenger car sold in the EU last year was some 3.7 per cent lower than that seen in 2009.

Such a fall represents the second-largest annual drop experienced since records began in 2000, with the typical vehicle in the eurozone now producing 140g of CO2 per km travelled.

Under current progress, the agency claims that the goal of achieving a 130g CO2/km rate will be met before the 2015 deadline.

Climate action commissioner Connie Hedegaard claims that the figures prove “that setting targets delivers results and stimulates the car industry to put greener cars on the market”.

“These innovations also ensure that Europe’s car industry remains competitive in the changing global market,” she states.

However, the decline remains some way off the 5.1 per cent fall recorded in 2009 – something that was partially attributed to the economic crisis and the introduction of a number of vehicle scrappage schemes.

According to the European Commission, road transport alone accounts for around one-fifth of the EU’s total CO2 emissions.

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