SMMT demands more investment in green vehicles, could car leasing fans benefit?

JonathanJuly 1, 2011

Car leasing¬†enthusiasts may be interested in one motoring organisation’s comments that although the automotive sector is steadily reducing the emissions created by new vehicles more work needs to be done.

Pointing to research by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) showing that the carbon footprint of cars made in 2010 was more than one-fifth below that seen in 2000, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicates the automobile industry is making “good progress” in producing more environmentally-friendly models.

However, the organisation notes that despite the advancements that have already been made, greater effort is required if the UK is to meet its 2025 greenhouse gas targets.

“Investment in low and ultra-low carbon vehicle technologies has delivered impressive reductions in CO2 emissions, but sustained action, to support research and development, new infrastructure and consumer incentives will be essential if we are to sustain and improve the rate of progress,” SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt states.

Such comments come as recent research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists revealed that more than half of road users are driving in a more eco-friendly style in an effort to save fuel

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