Audi trials new 150 mpg car

JonathanNovember 11, 2011

Car leasing customers could soon be able to achieve fuel efficiency levels of almost 150 miles per gallon.

Audi has announced that it has initiated a pilot scheme for its A1 e-tron vehicles. A fleet of 20 cars will navigate the streets of Munich to see how they integrate with the existing transport infrastructure in the city.

The small hatchbacks will not leave drivers holding up traffic as they have an output of 102PS and are capable of a top speed of 81 miles per hour.

Individuals and businesses who rely on their cars to travel vast distances, while minimising the costs of fuel, may be interested to know that the car contains an electric battery as well as a small combustion engine. If the lithium-ion battery starts to become flat the engine kicks in to recharge it. The technique is capable of providing the driver with an extra 155 miles.

The manufacturer believes the A1 e-tron is an environmentally-friendly car as it has zero-emissions for the initial 31 miles of a journey and has a carbon dioxide equivalent of 45 g/km.

“Audi works relentlessly on comprehensive approaches which maximise benefits to customers. In this era of electric mobility, we will offer our customers a wide range of services which go beyond driving itself,” said Franciscus van Meel, Audi AG’s head of electric mobility strategy.

He added that the company will be planning more fleet trials in strategic markets.

Electronic motoring is becoming a reality, stated Ruth Werhahn, head of electric mobility at Audi’s partner in this project E.ON.

“We have blazed new trails in the charging infrastructure. We have set up not only public charging points near large cities but also innovative charging points at multi-storey car parks in city centres,” Ms Werhahn said.

According to, the most efficient car currently available to British car leasing customers is the petrol hybrid Honda Insight, which is capable of 83.1 miles per gallon.

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