Car leasers advised to be cautious this winter

JonathanNovember 14, 2011

Car leasing customers who could potentially be travelling long distances on unfamiliar roads this winter have been told they can take a few simple precautions to reduce the likelihood of them experiencing any motoring difficulties.

DIAmond Advanced Motorists said the key to avoiding accidents was to plan ahead for journeys. The group stated that drivers need to do more than merely enter the address they are looking for on a satellite navigation system and should always ensure they have an alternative route in the event of unplanned complications such as road closures or heavy traffic.

Drivers ought to check the weather forecasts for the day they plan to travel and give themselves extra time in their itinerary to accommodate bad road conditions.

Many car leasers use their vehicles for long cross-country journeys and as most accidents occur on the nation’s motorways drivers should be extra vigilant, DIAmond states.

After joining the motorway, it is advised motorists become acclimatised to the speed of the traffic before they attempt to overtake any other vehicles. Once they are comfortable with the speed, drivers can then attempt to overtake, focussing on the road in front and checking for any potential hazards before putting the indictor on for a few seconds to signal the start of the manoeuvre.

Motorists who are driving for long periods should stop every two or three hours to make sure that fatigue does not set in as, according to the organisation, between 15 and 20 per cent of accidents are caused by drivers becoming tired behind the wheel.

Also, people should be aware not everybody on the motorway may be as experienced or competent at high speeds as they are.

Car leasing customers can usually expect their vehicle to be in good condition, but were advised to check to see if their vehicle’s lights, oil and water levels are all satisfactory before embarking on their journey.

Simon Elstow, head of training at IAM Drive & Survive, said people should look for cars which have an ice setting and air conditioning as this could further help prevent the possibility of accidents.

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