B-MAX ‘to appeal to drivers’ needs’

JonathanJuly 14, 2014

Ford believes its new B-MAX car will be perfect for the needs of drivers across Europe.

According to the company, the ‘right-sizing’ trend means that people are looking for cars which are most specific to their needs with sustainability being a key concern.

The manufacturer states that around 40 per cent of European drivers are looking for smaller, more efficient cars, while 20 per cent of city car drivers are seeking more space in their vehicles.

Ford hopes the B-MAX will fulfil both requirements.

“With many consumers in Europe facing financial pressures, the status symbol of owning the most expensive, biggest or fastest [vehicle] is taking a back seat to being a smart, savvy or sustainable consumer,” said Henry Mason of global trend experts Trendwatching.com.

Switching vehicles to save money can often be counterproductive due to large upfront fees and depreciation values, but a car leasing scheme could mitigate many of these expenses.

And contract hire opens up a whole host of model and version alternatives to drivers.

Speaking of the B-MAX, which is available in September, the man in charge of the project at Ford Klaus-Peter Tamm said: “It’s a unique offering in the segment and a car that anyone could live with and use for all their needs on a daily basis.”

Other options for those wanting a Ford car leasing package include the ever popular Focus.

The 1.4 Studio hatchback five-door version has a basic list price of £14,715, but can be leased with monthly payments of just £129.99.

It is no surprise the car has won numerous awards and is a common sight on Britain’s roads.

The 80 BHP engine combines a 0-60 mph time of 14.1 seconds with fuel consumption of 42.8 mpg, while the car

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