Brits braced for arrival of Volkswagen XL1

JonathanJune 30, 2014

Volkswagen has done it again. The German car maker has produced something of enviable beauty that also happens to be the world's most energy-efficient production vehicle. However, don't get your hopes up yet, as you will need a fair bit of pocket money to call the Volkswagen XL1 your own.

Announcing the prices last week (June 28th), the car makers broke more than a few hearts as its latest model will set you back £98,515. The vehicle is now available to customers across the UK, with just 200 expected in the world.

All 200 models were made at Volkswagen's Osnabrück factory in Germany, with an unknown proportion destined for old Blighty. The first model has already been sold to a customer in Volkswagen's homeland at the end of May, and it is expected that the few allocated for the UK will be gone in the blink of an eye.

The XL1 turned many heads at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it was in good company with some of the world's most iconic supercars, and you can see why. Volkswagen's latest model has earned its place next to the genre's heavyweights as it has broken its own goals.

When designed, the vehicle was supposed to be a ‘one litre' car, meaning that every 100 km would only use one litre of fuel – around 282 miles per gallon.  However, the end result is that the XL1 needs just 0.9 litres for every 100 km. This is an incredible 313 mpg on the official combined cycle, which gives the driver a very low carbon dioxide emissions value of just 21 g/km. 

Commenting on the model, product manager Lianne McKnight said enthusiasm for the XL1 has been building since the first concept of the car was unveiled in Qatar back in January 2011.  

"Knowing that production of our cars is now underway and that customers will soon be taking delivery of them is very exciting. We're looking forward to seeing this record-breaking model on UK roads, as well as seeing technologies within it filtering down to many of our mainstream Volkswagen cars," added Ms McKnight.

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