Bank holiday car leasing customers told to check tyres

JonathanMay 26, 2011

Further tyre safety advice has been given to car leasing customers and other road users ahead of what could be a wet bank holiday weekend.

The weather forecast from the Met Office for the coming long weekend is of widespread rain on Saturday night and showers at other times.

With the risk that some of these may turn out to be heavy downpours, car leasing customers may want to check their tyres are in good condition ahead of the weekend.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of road safety organisation TyreSafe, says: “After the recent prolonged dry spell, the rain showers which are forecasted for much of the UK this coming weekend are likely to make the roads extremely slippery.”

TyreSafe recommends a simple way to check the depth of tread remaining on a worn tyre – insert a 20p coin into the groove.

If the outer rim of the coin is covered by the tread, it should be safe to drive on; the legal minimum is 1.6 mm through the middle three-quarters of the tyre.

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