Stop-start vehicles could be more prominent in future car leasing fleets

JonathanJune 1, 2011

The fleets offered by car leasing providers in years to come may well include a greater number of what Pike Research calls “stop-start vehicles”.

Stop-start vehicles cut off the power to the engine when they are stationary, restoring it as soon as the driver goes to move off.

In this way, less fuel is consumed from the petrol tanks of otherwise conventionally powered vehicles offered by eco-friendly car leasing providers.

“These vehicles offer five to ten per cent reductions in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” reports Pike Research.

By comparison, hybrid electric vehicles – which can include cars powered purely by batteries and those with kinetic energy retrieval systems – tend to cost more than stop-start alternatives.

John Gartner, senior analyst at Pike Research, says the lower-cost option denotes an “attractive balance” between price premium and environmental benefit.

By 2020, the research firm estimates some 37 million stop-start vehicles could be sold each year.

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