BMW welcomes UK government’s commitment to low emissions

JonathanApril 29, 2014

Car leasing for many people has become a cost-effective way to get behind the wheel of a brand new model and benefit from all of their new technologies. Over the past few years, this has meant being able to select a car from a wide range of low emission vehicles, which are not only cheaper to run, but can also bring down your overhead payments.

Now the UK government has made more significant steps towards supporting a higher number of drivers to reap the benefits of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs). This move, which will see parliament adding another £500 million in additional funding between 2015 and 2020 to the cause, has been welcomed by some of the world's leading car makers including BMW.

BMW UK managing director Tim Abbott said the commitment to supporting the transition to lower-emission vehicles has come at a "crucial phase" in the development of the electric car market.

As part of the government's renewed efforts to support cleaner and greener car technology it will continue the current subsidy for customers buying either electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles until 2017. There will also be funds given to expand the current network of rapid charge points for electric vehicles in the UK.

Mr Abbott said: "The government's funding commitment provides certainty that the UK is serious about embracing these new technologies and complements the very substantial investments being made by industry to introduce innovative lower-emission technologies that are not only exciting for customers but also good for the environment." 

He said that developing the rapid charging infrastructure, along with the Plug in Car Grant extension, will give more drivers the confidence they need to make the switch from traditional models to electric cars.

It's no wonder that BMW are behind the government's support for low emission vehicles as it will push its own fully-electric BMW i3 model, which has already enjoyed more than 1,000 sales and orders.

If you are unsure about electric car technology, car leasing can be the perfect way to dip your toe in the water. Having a model on a contract means that you can have full confidence that there won't be any problems.

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