Top five driving pet peeves

JonathanApril 29, 2014

For many drivers, getting behind the wheel is one of life's little pleasures, as there is nothing better than an open road on a pleasant day. However, commuters and just about every other motorist, will know that driving is often made better by as few other drivers on the road as possible.

This has led us to come up with a top five of driver pet peeves, that seem to annoy just about everyone you talk to, but there are still people out there committing these offences.

1. Not saying thanks
It's not difficult, just the simple lift of a hand off your wheel, but many drivers seem incapable of acknowledging this basic road courtesy. There are few things more annoying, or more likely to ruin a perfectly good morning or day, than you going out of your way to help another motorist and them not even saying thank you. 

If I ruled the country, honestly, it would be made illegal. Though this would be incredibly difficult to police, it would certainly make me feel a whole lot better.

2. Chucking things out your car
Your car is a perfectly adequate vessel to hold all your rubbish until you stop and can take it out with you and put it in a bin. So why on Earth do some drivers feel the need to throw just about everything out of their car? 

Not only is it potentially dangerous throwing your crisp packet onto the road, where it could distract other road users or stunt their vision, it's just plain lazy and bad for the environment.

3. Stopping suddenly
Everyone learns in the driving test to check their mirrors before braking and stop gradually. However, some motorists seem to think they are the only person on the road and therefore don't need to. This is potentially very dangerous but also downright irritating. It just shows a general selfish attitude from the person behind the wheel and is likely to provoke road rage from drivers anywhere in the vicinity.

4. Oblivious drivers
You know who I mean, the drivers who are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror or checking their emails on their phone to acknowledge the fact that they are actually behind the wheel of a vehicle. Apart from being illegal and dangerous, this is extremely annoying for every other road user.

5. Sneaky drivers
Now this might just be me, but there are few things worse than a driver waiting at a junction or at lights and they just keep edging forwards. What is that about? It's just completely unnecessary. Those few inches in front aren't going to make any difference and it certainly isn't going to make me want to let you out of a junction. This is the driver equivalent of a child poking you for attention while you are talking to someone else. 

Despite these pet peeves, getting behind the wheel can still be one of the best feelings in the world. If you have lost your love of driving why not consider changing things around? Car leasing can give you a wide range of cars at an affordable cost, making it the perfect solution for drivers that have lost their way.

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