Brake urges fleets to ‘go the extra mile

JonathanJune 11, 2014

Brake is embarking on a new campaign to encourage fleets to make safety a top priority when they are out on the roads. The road safety charity has released a series of exemplary case studies, each showing advanced road risk management and highlighting the importance of going above and beyond to make road safety the top focus.

Whether your company has enjoyed the benefits of van leasing, or you have decided to buy your vehicles on finance, making sure that each and every one of your drivers is kept safe is a top concern for many fleets. This not only ensures that staff are kept safe, but also helps keep the local community safe, which is vital for small businesses.

Brake's report was published through its Fleet Safety Forum with the help of incident management specialists FMG.

Entitled ‘Going the extra mile: advanced road risk management', the document champions those organisations that have been able to outshine their competitors by putting road safety at the heart of their business.

It shows how effective road risk management is fundamental for companies that want to drive down their costs, which often come from crashes and scrapes on the roads. However, keeping your fleet safe also helps to reduce the amount of time drivers spend off work from injuries or trauma caused during a crash.

Each case study demonstrates how important road risk management is and how practices can be continually assessed and improved to encourage a 'road safety culture' across entire organisations, regardless of their size.

Among those picked for their road safety excellence, was Mike Watson from Shell. Mr Watson was chosen for his ability to implement road safety improvements across the globe, while worldwide Mick Heduan of Crossrail Logistics was selected for his strategy to protect vulnerable road users.

Laura Woods, research and information officer at Brake, said: "Managing road risk effectively means constantly reassessing your priorities, and learning from your experiences and best practice. We applaud the organisations featured in this report for their proactive, determined approach and impressive results, and hope this report will inspire more fleet managers to ‘go the extra mile' for fleet safety in their organisations."

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