Top 10 football-mad driving plates

JonathanJune 10, 2014

In two days, two hours, 43 minutes and just a few seconds, the world will turn its attention to Brazil as the host nation takes on Croatia for the first match of the Fifa World Cup. However, Brasilia isn't the only place that is enjoying its fair share of football madness. 

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has had its own influx of love for the beautiful game. In honour of the world's biggest sporting event, the organisation has released its top ten football-inspired number plates.

These are some dedicated fans. With tickets for the opening game in Brazil reaching extortionate amounts, it seems our home-grown fans are just as keen to splash the cash to show everyone the love they have for their team. Obviously they were all out of bumper stickers.

Just making its way into the top ten is PRE 57ON, which set the owner back an eye-watering £9,400. With this incredible figure, it's no wonder that personalised number plates have generated nearly £2 billion for HM Treasury in the decade or so that they have existed.

One dedicated driver was obviously readying themselves for Brazil as, in July 2012, the number plate EN61 AND sold for £12,000. But money well invested, as I'm sure we'll make it through the group stages. Also, if you think that is bad, just wait for the top five.

Coming in at fifth place is ALB 1ON, going for £19,000 back in March 1990, while one lucky Londoner managed to get their hands on V1 LLA for the bargain price of just £35,000 in November 2000.

The top three sees two number plates take joint second, both costing the owner £36,000. Just last year a football-mad driver bought HU11 CTY, while AR53 NAL was last sold in October 2004.

However, both of these football fans are overshadowed by the personalised plate that takes first place. According to the DVLA, back in October 2007, one person shelled out £57,000 for the honour of strapping WE57 HAM to their car.

If you're less personalised number plate, and more cost effective, car leasing can allow you to feel like a football star, without the need to remortgage your house.

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