Car lease customers ‘should look out for new Lexus’

JonathanOctober 1, 2010

Anyone who will be looking for a new car leasing deal next year should look out for the Lexus CT-200h on the forecourts.

This is the advice from journalist Richard Lawton, who wrote for that the new model is “one to make a serious mental note of if you’re looking for a new lease next year”.

It is currently on display at the Paris Motor Show, alongside the latest offerings from the likes of Toyota, Land Rover and Bentley.

According to Mr Lawton, if you decide to drive the Lexus CT-200h on a car leasing deal, you can “expect the workmanship and quality of a Lexus in a Ford Focus-sized shell, but with the efficiency of a small diesel car”.

The manufacturer unveiled the vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, when it explained that the CT-200h is a full hybrid luxury compact car.

Using a hybrid system, the car combines a petrol engine with a powerful electric motor which enables it to offer motorists high performance, good fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

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