Renault ‘working with car leasing companies on EVs’

JonathanOctober 5, 2010

Renault is in talks with a number of companies in the car leasing arena as it attempts to get them on board with its leasing scheme for electric vehicles (EVs).

The plans put forward by the French carmaker would see motorists lease the battery of the EV separately to the vehicle itself.

Speaking to, Andy Heiron, Renault’s UK EV programme boss, explained that leasing the battery rather than buying it is beneficial to both drivers and car leasing companies.

“The biggest unknown risk is the battery so we’re taking that risk on their behalf,” he stated and went on to point out that after six or seven years of use, the cost of replacing a battery could be substantial.

Renault is set to launch the first of its electric cars in the UK in 2012, when the Fluence and Twizy will arrive at forecourts.

In the meantime, the automaker will be launching its electric light commercial vehicle – the Kangoo van – next year.

Journalist Paul Barker test drove the Renault Fluence for the website and commented that it is a “sleek saloon”, which is very similar to the Megane in terms of its design.

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