Car leasing news: Start/stop technology ‘should be introduced to vehicles in London’

JonathanApril 21, 2011

Introducing start/stop technology to cars in London could be a good way of significantly reducing carbon emissions.

This is according to Bosch UK president Peter Fouquet, who has responded to the government’s announcement of a Clean Air Fund for the capital by suggesting that fuel-saving technology could do much to improve air quality through cutting emissions by eight per cent on average.

Start/stop systems see the car’s engine switched off whenever it stops and turned back on when the clutch – or the brake in automatic models – is eased up.

“In addition, the technology also reduces noise pollution,” Mr Fouquet explains. Statistics from Bosch suggest that 500,000 tonnes of carbon could be saved by fitting start/stop machinery in all of London’s vans and cars.

Car leasing customers could alternatively look for environmentally-friendly models when shopping around for a new vehicle.

Earlier this year, Transport for London launched a campaign to make drivers of HGVs, coaches and buses aware of the fact that they will need to meet new Low Emission Zone standards from January 3rd 2012.

It cited statistics suggesting that the biggest source of dangerous particulate matter air pollution is road transport emissions, of which 21 per cent can be accounted for by larger vans.

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