Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

JonathanDecember 11, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

It’s never too late to buy Christmas gifts for car lovers, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite car related tat (and otherwise) for you to buy for your favourite car lover.

Top Gear Track Experience

Jeremy might be gone, but this is still a must have for any Top Gear enthusiast: it’ll be just like experiencing Top Gear on the telly, except it’s not on the telly.

Available here.

Porsche Ice-Cube Tray

christmas gifts for car lovers porsche ice cube tray

Probably one of our favourite pieces of absurdly priced, car-related nonsense. If your Dad wants tiny, melting versions of a Cayenne or 911 bobbing about in his whiskey while he falls asleep, these silicone ice-cube (or chocolate, if you prefer) trays are perfect.

Available here.

Grippy Pad

grippy pad from firebox

Just like a tree frog, a Grippy pad will hold your toys in place without the need for any adhesives or velcro. You just slap this magnificent little thing onto your dashboard and it’ll grip everything from iPads to Sat-Navs. It’s water, high temperature and sunlight resistant.

Available here.

Chocolate Spanner

chocolate spanner

Dunking a huge slab of chocolate in a cup of tea is one of life’s simple pleasures, so if the mechanic in your life likes do dunk some chunk in his brew this is perfect. This crafted chocolate spanner can easily be mistaken for an old rusty one, so don’t make the same mistake I did.

Available here.

Ariel Atom Experience Day

jeremy clarkson ariel atom

This could be you.

Available here.

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