Companies may want to create safety policy for business car leasing

JonathanMay 16, 2011

Forward-thinking organisations might want to make sure they have a clear safety policy in place when making use of business car leasing services.

Business car leasing allows companies to access the latest safety features, such as ABS, surround air bags and ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

With no clear government strategy currently in place, this could be the ideal way to demonstrate a continuing commitment to employee safety on the roads.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says: “What we had throughout the 1990s was a ten-year road-safety strategy for whichever government was in power, setting targets.

“At the moment we have no targets for road safety for 2020.”

This could be set to change, however, as a new road-safety strategy is expected to be published by the government within the next few weeks.

According to Mr Greig, this is already being worked on by the coalition and is imminently approaching its public distribution.

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