Car leasing could help raise fuel efficiency

JonathanMay 17, 2011

As engine performance improves with time, car leasing could be one way to continually upgrade to a new vehicle and take advantage of fuel efficiency gains.

Car price specialist CAP says numerous advances in efficiency have occurred in recent years, particularly in small-engined vehicles.

Since 2003, carbon emissions have fallen by an average of 18 per cent per vehicle, while power output is up by 12 per cent.

This is in spite of an average four per cent fall in engine size in family cars – and an improvement of 16 per cent in combined cycle fuel consumption.

David Saville of CAP’s New Vehicle Data department says: “The automotive industry has made massive strides in improving the efficiency of engines and this is paying dividends for hard-pressed motorists.”

For individuals and companies alike, car leasing could be one way to unlock fuel savings by switching to a vehicle with better efficiency.

In its weekly fuel price report, updated today, the Department of Energy and Climate Change places the average cost of a litre of unleaded petrol in the UK at 136.4p – up from 121.3p a year earlier.

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