Could electric car leasing become common in cities?

JonathanMarch 31, 2011

Car leasing deals for electric vehicles are likely to become more commonplace in cities across the EU following the European Commission’s announcement that it plans to phase out models run on conventional fuels by 2050.

The chairman of the Low Carbon Communities Network Chris Church commented that this will not necessarily spell the end for traditional motors, but will result in “a big increase in electric cars for city use”.

According to the proposals put forward by the European Commission, the aim is to see the CO2-free movement of goods around urban centres by 2030 and gradually phase out petrol and diesel fuelled cars.

Mr Church noted: “The benefits for us all will be cleaner, safer, greener cities.”

He also highlighted the “positive health impacts” that reducing CO2 output from vehicles could have in the long term.

In addition, Mr Church explained that targeting urban areas will be more effective than focusing on rural locations due to the varied nature of transport in different communities.

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