Will car leasing customers opt for Lexus CT200h?

JonathanApril 4, 2011

The hybrid Lexus CT200h stands out from other motors in its class, it has been stated.

In a review for Business Car, Paul Barker commented that the vehicle is “coming armed with a hybrid system that offers emissions and fuel economy that none of the rivals can get close to”.

According to the reviewer, CO2 emissions are 94 g/km, while it also achieves 68.9 mpg due to its hybrid engine that can run on electricity alone to speeds of up to 28 mph.

People looking for a new car leasing contract may want to consider the auto, especially if they are hoping to reduce the overall cost of driving.

Mr Barker added that fleet managers are likely to be drawn to the Lexus model due to its attractive cost-per-mile figures.

When the automaker launched the CT200h last month, it highlighted the motor’s appeal to business users by pointing out the low maintenance, service and repair costs, as well as the vehicle’s ten per cent benefit-in-kind company car tax bracket.

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