Could your Smartphone Replace your Driving License?

JonathanDecember 15, 2014

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Could Your Smartphone Replace your Driving License?

More and more of us are relying on our smartphones to conduct routine business and, althrough it’s not quite news here yet, over in Iowa, USA, the Department of Transportation will be offering an official app that can serve as your driving license. We think this is a pretty convenient idea – and it brings us closer to having everything we need contained in one device. However, we do have some concerns.

First off, the idea isn’t to replace driver’s licenses – this is merely offered as a supplement. The app will be secured by PIN, and will complement an electronic proof of insurance system Iowa already has in operation.

Speaking as someone who always has his phone on him, and has a few store cards easily accessible through apps – I think this is a great idea. However opinion in the office is strongly divided, with worries from privacy through to battery life and being accident prone.

What if you lose your phone? Surely “hackers” will be able to steal your identity? Perhaps, however the app doesn’t appear to be any less secure than any banking app you may already have – furthermore other ways of protecting the app may become available such as biometric verification (Apple’s TouchID), or two-factor authentication.

Thinking ahead, the app could offer a wider range of services – such as a convenient way of changing your details and keeping your photograph up to date; reminding you to renew your license; or linking your license to insurance and MOT documentation.

It sure sounds convenient and pretty exciting, and it paves the way for a future of everything being contained into one little piece of tech. Let us know what you think via Social Media!

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