Jaguar Unveils Ghost Car Windscreen Tech

JonathanDecember 16, 2014

Ghost Cars: Windscreen Projected Sat Nav & More!

Jaguar yesterday released their concept for the future of sat-nav and windscreen technology: projecting a ghost car onto the windscreen in front of drivers, allowing them to navigate without taking their eyes off the road.

The goal of the technology is to eliminate stress from driving by eliminating the need to look at road signs, or distractions from trying to find parking – and presenting all of this information within the driver’s field of vision.

The windscreen would be connected to a cloud service, in a similar way to Google Maps, and would be able to present important information any regular sat-nav can: petrol stations, parking etc.

The video also shows a concept for eliminating blind-spots by externally capturing images and projecting them onto the car’s pillars, and highlighting hazards, such as close proximity pedestrians and vehicles. Relevant pillars would automatically be made transparent by the driver turning their head, or using their indicators

Not only is this really impressive, but it also creates a safer alternative to existing GPS systems – particularly already built-in systems.

Next step: virtual Mario-Kart for the kids (and bigger kids).

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