Electric lease cars ‘should be charged at service stations’

JonathanJuly 11, 2011

Lease car drivers with electric vehicles (EV) will benefit from an improved charging infrastructure across the UK – and service stations have a role to play.

While they will not make money selling fuel to EV drivers, forecourt shops can still cash in while lease car drivers and other motorists wait for their vehicles to charge, according to one expert.

Andy Palmer, Nissan’s head of global planning and programme development in Tokyo, points out this is a “great opportunity” for service stations in the UK.

“What an opportunity to have a captive audience for 15 or 20 minutes while they give their battery a quick charge,” he says.

Mr Palmer notes that the UK needs to “think a lot more” about the charging infrastructure in the country in order to facilitate longer journeys in EVs.

Last week, increased funding for the installation of more charging points in the UK was announced by the government.

Some £30 million will be pumped into the UK’s plug-in vehicle infrastructure, which will see 8,500 chargepoints set up.

Posted by John Turner

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