Is Chesterfield the greenest lease car town?

JonathanJuly 14, 2011

Environmentally-conscious drivers of lease cars and other vehicles in Chesterfield have made the Derbyshire market town the nation’s greenest in terms of emissions.

Nearly 30 per cent of vehicles on the road in Chesterfield emit less than 140g/km of CO2, according to new data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

It may be that Chesterfield drivers like newer cars, as the SMMT found vehicles manufactured in the last five years typically produce 15 per cent less CO2 than older models.

Motorists in Plymouth are the worst for green driving, with more than four in five cars on the city’s roads producing more than 140g/km of CO2.

The biggest regional offenders for carbon emissions were London and the south, where typical vehicles produce at least 147g/km.

Overall, lease cars and other vehicles on the road average emissions of 144.2g/km, which is an improvement of 14.6 per cent on 2005 figures.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists notes all drivers can improve their vehicles’ efficiency if they stick to the speed limit, drive at a constant speed whenever possible and avoid using air conditioning at low speeds.

Posted by Matthew Painter

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