Electrification ‘a profound change’ for lease cars

JonathanJune 8, 2011

Lease cars are undergoing their most profound change in a century as they become electric, rather than combustion-engine fuelled, claims Pike Research.

The environmental research specialist predicts over three million electric vehicles will be sold by the middle of the current decade.

During 2015 itself, the one million vehicle threshold is expected to be passed as the rate of sales increases by 106 per cent year by year.

Lease cars are expected to play their part in this growth, alongside private transport sales, as motorists of all types go green.

Clint Wheelock, president of Pike Research, says: “The electrification of vehicles represents one of the most profound changes to the automotive industry in the past 100 years, both for consumer and fleet markets.”

Pike Research is tracking the trend with comprehensive market coverage, ranging from analysis of the vehicles themselves to the fixed infrastructure required at charging points and batteries to power the electric engines.

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