More 20 mph limits could confront lease cars in towns

JonathanJune 9, 2011

People who use lease cars to get around urban environments, rather than for long journeys, could find they are more likely to face 20 mph speed limit zones in future.

The Department for Transport explains that it has lifted red tape from the process required in order to enforce the limit.

As a result, local councils now have much more control over the decision, with relaxed rules on putting a 20 mph limit in an area without other traffic-calming measures such as speed bumps in place.

Norman Baker, regional and local transport minister, says: “If councils and local communities want to put in place 20 mph schemes on residential roads, or use common-sense measures such as variable speed limits outside schools, then they should be able to do so.”

The measures include allowing mini roundabouts and repeater signs to enforce the speed limit, which in turn should mean fewer chicanes and speed humps.

Other regulations already permitted by the Highway Code include a ban on stopping – including to pick up passengers – on the road markings outside school entrances.

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