EVs could constitute more business car leasing

JonathanMay 6, 2011

The coming few years could see business car leasing services provide more electric vehicles (EVs) to government and corporate fleets.

According to clean-energy analyst Pike Research, over 1.3 million vehicles charged from the mains could be in use by 2015 in the transportation portfolios of government bodies and large corporations around the world.

Some of the first to make use of green business car leasing could be those with known range requirements, such as taxi firms and delivery specialists.

In many cases, this could mean van leasing sees the first significant uptick in the supply of EVs.

However, Pike Research says other organisations are likely to install their own charging posts to help overcome any doubts about the availability of a mains supply.

A separate report from the analyst recently predicted that wireless recharging solutions will reach “critical mass” in the coming ten years.

For EVs, one solution often suggested is to lay cables beneath road surfaces capable of transferring power into the vehicle’s battery without a direct connection.

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