Company car leasing could ensure tyre health

JonathanMay 4, 2011

Company car leasing could be an easy way for organisations to make sure their fleet meets the necessary regulations – such as minimum tyre tread depth.

Online spares retailer has published a survey revealing that 42 per cent of British motorists will only change their tyre if it falls below the minimum tread depth allowed in law.

That means no pre-emptive action to replace worn tyres as they approach the minimum and no swapping of tyres due to cracking or bulging.

Either of the latter can result in a blow-out at high speed, but one in three motorists would not consider changing their tyre if they spotted such damage.

A spokesman for said: “Tyres are, without a doubt, one of the most important safety components on a vehicle, so it is worrying that such a large number of car drivers could be on the roads with illegal tyres.”

Tread depth was the subject of a month-long safety drive back in October 2009, but it seems many motorists still do not replace their tyres until it is absolutely essential to do so.

By making use of company car leasing, organisations may be able to make sure that the vehicles they obtain are compliant with all the necessary regulations, while giving their employees safe automobiles to use in their business activities.

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