Fathers Day ideas

JonathanJune 6, 2014

Dads are pretty awesome. They play taxi to us for years on end, rarely asking for anything in return, bar a cold beer when they are finally allowed to hang up their keys for the night. That means that when Father's Day comes round every year, you need to go to a little bit of effort to say thanks.

Your dad, like most dads, probably doesn't want the same level of fuss that surrounds Mother's Day, and he is unlikely to appreciate a bunch of flowers. 

This means that you may need to think a little harder when it comes to pleasing the old man, but remember it's the simple things in life that count.

If you've racked your brain and come up with nothing, don't panic. We've got it under control. Whether your dad is a party animal or more of a stay-at-home kinda guy, we've got it covered. Here's our list of what to do with your dad next weekend (June 15th) that will leave him feeling satisfied without boring the rest of your family.

Father's Day drive
With the weather finally looking up, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with your dad? You can plan a route that takes you near the seaside, or to a museum that will spark your dad's interest, or you can just play it by ear. This is often the most fun way to do it, as long as you have a reliable car and a full tank of petrol. 

Armed with a car leasing contract, or your own vehicle, take on the open road. You can enjoy a nice drive and then stop off at a pub for lunch on the way back – what could be better?

It's practically as British as the Queen itself, and definitely as heartwarming. The barbecue is a British institution that few people fail to enjoy. Picture the scene, it's nice and warm outside, your dad is armed with a cold beer and there are various forms of meat slowly but steadily cooking on an open fire. Your dad will be in heaven.

It's a fairly inexpensive way to treat your dad to lunch as you don't need to pay Father's Day prices or the hefty bar tab and you can easily cater to everyone's taste. And, taking British weather into account, even if it does start to rain you can easily transfer everything to the safety of the grill inside.

Cold beers and the TV remote
There is little more that many dads want than a nice cold bottle of their favourite beer or a glass of wine, and free rein over the TV. You could put together a little platter of his favourite food, such as pork pie, meat and crisps, and leave him to it. Honestly, he'll thank you for it when he has a fully belly and plenty of cold beers, you will be the best son or daughter on Earth. He may even forgive the fact that you forgot to get him a card.

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