How to take the stress out of driving abroad

JonathanJune 9, 2014

Many families will be planning to take the car abroad this summer as it is an ideal way to do exactly what you want to do, without having the added expense of local transport. If you have started a car leasing contract with an Audi, BMW, Ford or other quality manufacturer, it can be the perfect way to spend your time away from the office.

Not only do you get to explore unknown territory at your own pace and in your own time, but you also know your own car and how reliable it is, rather than paying local charges for renting a vehicle. This means that car leasing has become a particularly popular way for Brits to travel abroad when they are visiting France, Ireland or just about anywhere else you can reach by ferry.

However, there are some obstacles when driving in a foreign country as you are in unfamiliar territory where the driving rules may not be the same. We've got some top tips to make sure you and your passengers stay safe when driving abroad this summer.

Prepare ahead
If you are going to a country that largely speaks the same language as you, such as Ireland, then you don't need to spend so much time preparing for your trip. However, if you are visiting a place where English isn't the main language spoken, then you will need to research ahead of your trip.

It's likely that, if English isn't the main language or very widely spoken, road signs and warnings will be in a foreign language, meaning that you won't be able to understand what is being said. If this is the case, and you don't speak the local dialect, you should look ahead at a number of common road signs, such as stop, give way and go, and memorise them.

You should also, in both cases, have a look at traffic law such as the national speed limit and, of course, which side of the road they drive on. You should also research driving etiquette to see what is the norm for motorists in the country. This will all help you get confidence when driving abroad and help you explore on your adventure.

Take your time
When you actually get behind the wheel in foreign climes, the most important thing to remember is to take your time. Although it is always best to travel at an appropriate speed, this is especially important when you are driving abroad. Keep your speed safe, especially if you are unclear about where you are going, though it is worth noting that going slowly can be as dangerous as speeding in some instances.

If you are stuck about where you are going, the best thing to do is find somewhere to safely pull over and get your bearings.

Reclaim your love of driving 
When you have done both of these things, you should find that you will soon get the hang of driving in another country, and enjoy your holiday. There is no better way to regain your love of being behind the wheel than using your car to explore unknown territory.

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