Fiat wins lowest emissions accolade

JonathanMarch 12, 2012

Fiat Automobiles continues to journey toward carbon neutrality and has scored another environmentally-friendly accolade in the process.

For the fifth year running, the car manufacturer has recorded the lowest level of CO2 emissions on the continent of Europe, with an average of just 118.2 g/km – 4.9 g/km fewer than the average for 2010.

The record low has been certified by JATO Dynamics, which is the world’s leading automotive research consultancy.

During the past five years, Fiat Automobiles has cut average motor vehicle CO2 emissions by 14 per cent. As a result the manufacturer has already gone beyond the 130 g/km target set by the European Union, which comes into effect in 2015.

According to Peter Newton, public relations director at the firm, the steady decline in CO2 output of Fiat’s vehicles shows the company’s commitment to safeguarding the environment for future generations.

He noted that simple but ingenious emissions solutions – including the highly efficient TwinAir engine – were key to the manufacturer’s green successes.

However, encouraging drivers to change their habits was another way in which Fiat was tackling the problem of CO2 and climate change, Mr Newton added.

Fiat has also developed eco:Drive, an innovative solution which encourages more responsible motoring and has the added benefit of reducing people’s fuel bills – particularly useful for fleet operators and other firms with substantial car leasing contracts.

Earlier this month, Fiat unveiled its new 500L at the International Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle will be made available in the last quarter of the year and has as much passenger space as an MPV despite having he footprint of a small SUV.

The 500L will come in an eco:Drive version, however, there are no official figures available outlining this new vehicle’s environmental performance.

Fiat’s older 500 models are very efficient, however, with the 0.9-litre city version having CO2 emissions of just 111 g/km.

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