Happy Anniversary, New Building

JonathanJune 5, 2018

Our first working day in our new offices was the 5th June 2017, and we’ve done a fair bit since then:

We have welcomed THIRTEEN people into our little UKC family in our Sales Support and Account Management teams, and we’ve taken on board our first apprentice.

We’re the best at car leasing, and we need to keep training our staff so we stay the best – together we’ve put in ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINE hours of training.

We have delivered THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR brand new vehicles to their new homes. The most popular manufacturer is Toyota, but our most popular model is a Citroen C3.

We entered into an exclusive arrangement with Toyota to provide their Business Drive Direct service, which supports fleet and business drivers nationwide.

We need fuel to keep going, and have spent NINE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR POUNDS on coffee and tea.

FOUR children have been, or are about to be, born, and TWO of our team have gotten married. We’re not saying there’s something special about this new building, but y’know…

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