Harsh braking is most common risky manoeuvre for fleet drivers

JonathanMarch 27, 2012

Fleet drivers in the UK have been warned against increasing risk on the roads with harsh braking.

This was found by research by Green Road to be the most common risky manoeuvre carried out by motorists, while those behind the wheel of heavy goods vehicles were found to be safest behind the wheel, followed by car and van drivers.

According to the study, the most dangerous time of day to be in charge of a vehicle is 11pm to midnight and the most risky month is January.

Other risky behaviours indulged in by fleet drivers – such as those on car leasing contracts – include sharp cornering, land handling and harsh acceleration.

However, there were improvements in driving performance during 2011, although UK fleet drivers who face more road features such as roundabouts and urban environments were slightly behind those in North America.

Jim Heeger, GreenRoad chief executive, said: “Through this data we begin to more clearly understand the factors impacting fleet safety. This is critical to reach the goal that we all share: delivering the best drivers on the road – safe, fuel-efficient and green.”

The GreenRoad Worldwide Fleet Driver Performance Benchmark Report covered 85,000 individuals in the UK and North America, with data produced based on more than 7.4 billion miles logged last year.

Car contract hire drivers in the future could be safer still with the launch of a new scheme that is being employed in schools to cut the number of accidents and fatalities involving young motorists.

Run by the a2om CIC, a social enterprise, its Drive iQ campaign is helping to develop cognitive and judgment skills, the Telegraph reports.

Sarah Rowley, who spearheads the campaign, told the newspaper the free brain-training software has been piloted in Sussex and is now used by over 200 schools and comprises a 3D, high-definition interactive e-learning environment that presents users with a range of conditions.

She added: “You often hear the argument for a graduated learning scheme, postponing the age or time frame of qualification, but part one could take place at school.”

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