Infiniti enhances fleet performance of hybrid model

JonathanMarch 29, 2012

A hybrid vehicle has been improved to make it more appealing for car leasing contracts.

Infiniti has announced its M35h has become more fleet-friendly for 2012, with emissions under 160 g/km of carbon dioxide as a result of enhancements to the accuracy of the electric motor and battery charging technology.

This means it is now under a key benefit-in-kind tax threshold and a 20 per cent per year Write Down Allowance (WDA), factors that could prove attractive to those arranging contract car hire, as it can save both drivers and businesses money.

According to the company, the Infiniti M35h hybrid is a world record-holder for acceleration in addition to its fuel efficiency.

Simon Lewis, the firm’s fleet sales manager, claimed the car provides fleet managers with a motor “that is both hugely enticing and entirely sensible”, adding the model has already proven popular with companies looking for a luxury saloon that combines performance with efficient fuel consumption.

The 2012 version of the model has lower fuel consumption than ever before, with no negative impact on performance, which remains faster than hybrid competitors from BMW and Porsche.

Having 159 g/km CO2 emissions places the M35h in the highest band for WDA and lowers the tax band for drivers from 23 per cent to 22 per cent in 2012-13. This means a 40 per cent taxpayer could save around £180 a year, as well as reducing the impact of the vehicle on the environment.

Founded in the US by a Japanese parent firm, automotive company Infiniti manufactures a range of vehicles, including SUVs, coupes, convertibles, sedans and crossovers.

The luxury car specialist is committed to customer service and design and aims to differentiate its models from those produced by its rivals, as well as deliver a Total Ownership Experience to buyers.

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