How fleets can drive down costs

JonathanMay 6, 2014

For many companies, hiring, running and maintaining vehicles is one of the biggest costs over the year, and one of the most important decisions to make. 

This means that whatever savings you can make, whether through van leasing or other options, can make a significant difference to your business' profit margins. However, making your vehicle costs as low as possible isn't just about running the cars and vans themselves and actually includes a number of other things.

Venson Automotive Solutions has advised companies on how to keep costs down and how to maintain or improve that all-important bottom line in 2014.

Fuel costs
Fuel is one of the most expensive parts of keeping a fleet of vehicles running, meaning that even the smallest savings can make a difference over the year. If you are trying to bring down your fuel costs then you need to ensure all models in your fleet are well maintained. Servicing all vehicles and performing tasks like tyre pressure checks can significantly reduce your fuel bill.

It also helps to drive cars or vans with the latest fuel-saving technology, which can be made affordable from leasing companies. Telematics can also help your drivers use as little petrol or diesel as possible as it can tell them the quickest route to avoid wasting fuel in traffic jams.

Driver training
Many professional drivers may feel as though they don't need any further training once they have gained their licence but a significant number of crashes occur because of a motorist's mistake. Not only can this be time consuming and cause a loss of productivity for a fleet but it can also be dangerous and costly for companies, especially if someone is injured.

Venson advises that introducing driver risk assessment programs along with other vehicle training can drive down your incident costs and increase your overall profit margin. This can also help you get a better deal with insurers, which can further reduce your monthly expenses.

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