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JonathanMay 6, 2014

Skoda has set upon a campaign to encourage drivers to get as comfortable as possible with their cars, as the average motorists spends three years of their life behind the wheel. The new four-week-long TV campaign aims to champion its flagship model – the Skoda Superb.

Research from Czech manufacturer has shown that, after passing their driving test, an average person will spend at least three years of their life at the wheel. This is the equivalent of driving from Earth to the moon, which is around 478,700 miles.

Following the report, the Skoda has analysed some of the most time consuming and arduous tasks that motorists face during those 36 months. Traffic lights are one of the biggest obstacles to staying on the move as the average driver stays still for more than 260,000 minutes or around six months, waiting for a red light to turn green.

Drivers also spend around 528 hours or 22 days waiting in the car for loved ones to arrive, while nearly an entire day is spent in the car wash to make sure their vehicles are of a top standard.

However, getting caught in a herd of sheep is altogether less time consuming as the average driver only wastes 20 seconds over their three-year driving career.

Sarah Chapman, communications manager for Skoda UK, said: "The new advert celebrates the very best of our Superb flagship model. How a person feels in the driving seat and the level of comfort of passengers are critical factors in making any journey a pleasurable experience – qualities that the Superb brings with class-leading levels of space."

Car leasing gives you a fantastic opportunity to love the model you drive as you can pick from a wide range of manufacturers to find the one you are smitten with. Not only is it affordable and simple, but it also allows all motorists to benefit from the latest technology, which can put the fun back into driving.

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