How to safely share the road

JonathanMay 23, 2014

For many drivers, one of the most worrying things about getting behind the wheel is the thought of hurting another road user, whether it be a pedestrian, cyclist or someone on a motorbike.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has once again teamed up with Britain's top advanced driver, Peter Rodger, to give advice to drivers across the UK about how to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Although it may sound obvious, whenever you see cyclists or people on motorbikes on the road give them plenty of space, Mr Rodger said. They can be harder to spot so it's best to check more than once when leaving a junction, just in case someone on a bike is approaching.

It's also important to remember to leave enough room when you pass a cyclist or motorcyclist to allow them to move to avoid drains and potholes, the expert explains. He also adds that, when overtaking, you should think carefully about what you are doing. 

It may feel safer to overtake the person on a bike quickly but you should make sure your speed is sensible and allows for any sudden movement from the cyclist. If a motorcyclist is trying to get past in heavy traffic, you should let them without hindering their progress just because you are stuck where you are, according to Mr Rodger.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger said: "The most common cause of road accidents is ‘failed to look properly' – and this oversight is being made by all kinds of road users. We all need to look out for each other to stamp out these avoidable collisions.

"Most road users don't just use one mode of transport, so use the knowledge you have from the others to practise a bit more patience and understanding of those around you."

It's also important, according to the expert, to bear in mind that cyclists and motorcyclists may be travelling quicker than you. This means you should check all your mirrors on a regular basis to make sure you can see any road user approaching from behind.

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