The best fictional cars of all time

JonathanMay 22, 2014

Big and small screens, as well as comic books, have given us some of the best and most exciting fictional cars, which we have all – at least once – dreamt of driving.

With the recent unveiling of the latest Batmobile by director Zack Snyder, the world has once again fallen in love with the coolness of the car. There are few vehicles that would bring back the joy of driving like this baby. It's the perfect mix of gadgets, fierce-looking exterior, and pure speed.

Although there have been various takes on the Batmobile, from Adam West to Christian Bale, all of them have been the work of genius, when it comes to finding a car to suit the Caped Crusader. 

The A-Team van
There are few vehicles that would get you excited about van leasing, but the A-Team van is certainly one of them. This ordinary-looking van was able to carry Face, Hannibal, B A Baracus and Murdock around at hurtling speeds, which seemed unlikely in the clapped-out old banger that they were running around in. Never-the-less, they looked pretty cool and managed to fight for justice in a very angry, but family-friendly, manner.

The Mystery Machine
Another classic van from TV screens. As brilliant as the gang were, they would be nothing and would have achieved nothing without their reliable Mystery Machine. The VW camper van was the ideal addition to any crime-fighting team, although the garish, neon colour scheme may not be to everyone's taste.

Even though it didn't really have the gadgets that other vehicles in the list do, it was reliable and always started first time – what more do you want?

If you could pick any car to take out on a personal leasing contract, KITT would be it. Not only would the daily commute be as fun as ever, but you would never lose it in a car park when out with the family – what could be more perfect? KITT was Michael Knight's sidekick, he had a car for a sidekick, and a talking car at that. 

The Gadget Mobile
Often left out of a number of top fictional car lists, the Gadget Mobile is the ultimate fictional vehicle. It carried just about everything you would ever need, and in such a compact space too. The gadgets that were included in the car seemed to change with every episode of the cartoon, obviously meaning that the model is able to adapt to exactly what you need. So next time you need a tool that gives you a foot massage while you're stuck in an awful traffic jam, you know exactly where to turn – not even Batman gets that.

For many us, these fictional cars will have to stay as just that, unless you want to dedicate all your spare waking hours to developing these babies for real? No? OK. Me neither. Then we're pretty much left with car leasing. It allows you to change up your old banger for something (almost) as brilliant as these gadget-ridden models. 

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