IAM winter motoring tips

JonathanNovember 15, 2013

At UK Carline we ensure that you have everything you need to be safe on the road when you leave with one of our car leasing deals. However, a lot of being safe behind the wheel is down to the skills you possess when on the roads. This is especially important as the colder weather can make surfaces treacherous if not approached properly.

Britain’s top advanced driver Peter Rodger has teamed up with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) to advise motorists on how to keep safe as the winter weather sets in.

Just as you may take little longer to get going in the cold weather, your car may need more time to be safe on a cold, dark winter morning and you should make sure you have left enough time to deal with the extra things involved with getting safely on the road, according to Mr Rodger.

He added that preparation can be done before the weather gets really cold and that now is the time to check things such as your battery, screen wash and any other preparation your car may need, like making sure your tyres are safe.

“Frosty mornings can be beautiful to look at – but awful to drive in if you and the car aren’t prepared for them,” added the driving expert.

Mr Rodger has issued six key tips to stop you having problems with your car this winter:

– A modern car may not need time for the engine to warm up so you don’t need to waste fuel by running your engine before you set off, but it does need time to demist the screen to ensure that you have a clear screen before you get on the road.

– Clean any snow off the car’s roof and bonnet as well as windows as it is easy to forget this in the early morning rush but it can be dangerous if the snow falls down when you are driving.

– Before you turn your engine on, make sure that the lights, heaters and radio are all turned off. By having them all come on at once, it will put strain on the car’s system.

– Clean your windows inside and out (not just take the ice off) as a dirty screen will mist up quicker than a clean one.

– Using the aircon can keep the air inside the car drier, which means that it will avoid misting up. It may seem odd to put aircon on in the cold, but as long as you set the temperature, it will work just fine.

– Park carefully at night, some areas, such as under trees and on drives, can be less affected by the snow and ice, meaning that getting going in the morning may be much easier.

It’s important to make sure that your car is fully prepared for the winter weather as it helps make you safe on the roads. It’s also vital that you pay attention to the road condition and alter your driving speed and style appropriately.

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