Jaguar F Sleigh: Jaguar & Santa Team Up

JonathanDecember 16, 2015

jaguar f sleigh concept design
The Jaguar F Sleigh: Bringing presents to you soon?

Jaguar F Sleigh: Jaguar & Santa Team Up

The Jaguar F Sleigh has been unveiled at a recent event in London – showing just how Santa’s sleigh would look if the Jaguar Land Rover design team were to work on it.

The company have said that the F Sleigh is influenced by the classic Jaguar design, and makes Rudolph and the other reindeer redundant thanks to the jet technology, which is claimed as a tie-in to the F-Type’s supercharged engine. Unfortunately, Jaguar haven’t revealed the powertrain that would enable Santa to visit all the children in the world in a single night.

Apart from an (obviously) extremely generous luggage compartment, Santa’s sleigh comes with all the frills such as a red nose, antlers and a supercharged performance through the night sky. The Jaguar F-Sleigh is based on an F-Type convertible – only kitted out with skates instead of wheels.

“The amazing Jaguar F Sleigh may be a bit of Christmas fun, but it proves that Jaguar Land Rover is now creating much more than word-class cars. We have been working tirelessly to develop collections that tell stories and celebrate our great brands, and this 2016 collection is our most desirable ever – we’re really pushed ahead for design, quality and originality and it’s great to showcase it alongside the luxury goods being produced by our exclusive brand partners.” – Lindsay Weaver, JLR director of Branded and Licensed Goods

Some of the products also displayed by Jaguar Land Rover partners included exclusive items from Art Fragrance, Barbour, Bremont, Globetrotter, Menrad, Oliver Sweeney, Landy Books and 2×2 Limited, and can be viewed in the JLR Shop here.


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