Lease a car: ‘Funds need to be made available to fix UK roads’

JonathanJanuary 28, 2011

Those who lease a car should see the amount that they pay to the government turned into a solution for fixing roads across the UK, according to one source.

DIAmond Advanced Motorists has pleaded for the government to make funds available so that routes which have been damaged and made hazardous recently can be repaired to an acceptable standard.

It points out that in 2009, over £40 billion was given to the government as a result of new car sales, vehicle excise duty, fuel duty and the VAT put onto this.

As a result, the branch of the Driving Instructors Association believes that it should not be unreasonable for people leasing a car to see the roads they drive across to be accessible without any hazards or risks.

Mike Frisby, DIAmond chief examiner, noted: “Numerous surveys have shown that the road-going public consistently thinks that improving our roads should be a priority for transport expenditure.”

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has also been on the case of the government, calling on it to freeze fuel duty, ahead of a proposed rise in April.

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