Car leasing news: Infrastructure should be priority for EVs

JonathanFebruary 1, 2011

Rolling out the infrastructure to support electric vehicles (EVs) should be a priority for both the automotive industry and UK government, according to a new study.

Logica has published a report which states that, if the National Grid estimate for the uptake of EVs is correct, the current grid will be unable to cope with the increased use.

National Grid anticipates that electric cars will comprise 20 per cent of auto sales in the UK within five years.

In its research, Logica notes that a smart grid will need to be installed, as well as “tens of thousands of charging points”, while car leasing customers and other motorists should be encouraged to charge their vehicles at times of lowest demand.

Speaking to eWEEK Europe, head of intelligent transport solutions at Logica Theo Quicke commented that the various schemes currently working to promote electric cars will need to work together.

“There is a lot of focus on the cars themselves but, for me, it’s all about getting the infrastructure in place,” he stated.

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