Mazda service appealing to car leasing customers?

JonathanFebruary 11, 2011

The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index has placed Mazda at the top of the automotive category, potentially highlighting the brand’s appeal to car leasingcustomers.

Mazda achieved a score of 83.3 per cent, compared with 81.5 per cent for Volvo, 80 per cent for BMW/Mini and 79.8 per cent for Toyota.

It is also higher than Mazda’s 2010 score of 80.6 per cent. The study is carried out each year by the Institute of Customer Service, which surveys 26,000 people about their dealings with the UK’s biggest companies.

“This survey result is another strong testament to the quality of our products, our customer service philosophy and the ability of Mazda dealers across the nation to focus on what UK motorists really want,” remarked Steve Jelliss, after-sales director at Mazda UK.

The study comes after Mazda announced an increase in the number of fleet vehicles either purchased outright or acquired through car leasing deals in 2010.

It is also anticipating a further rise in such registrations over the next 12 months.

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