Mazda unveils new efficiency measures

JonathanNovember 28, 2011

Motorists or businesses looking to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles could be interested in the latest technological development from Mazda.

Car leasing customers can cut many motoring costs, but fuel prices remain a concern, so the Japanese manufacturer’s new i-ELOOP system, which the company claims can make vehicles ten per cent more efficient, could be very advantageous.

Mazda states it has engineered a new braking system that makes use of the kinetic energy stored in a moving car to produce electricity. The i-ELOOP innovation is the first of its kind to use a capacitor that stores electricity generated as the brake pads slow the car down. The power can then be used to work the vehicle’s climate control or stereo and unlike a traditional battery it will not deteriorate over time.

The firm said the i-Eloop system, a name derived from Intelligent Energy Loop, is an advancement on a similar process that occurs in some hybrid cars as it does not require an extra motor or battery.

Comprising a variable voltage alternator, a DC/DC convertor and a low resistance Electric Double Layer Capacitor, the i-ELOOP begins harvesting energy the moment the car loses speed and could have big financial implications for car leasing customers who often find themselves making journeys which are affected by high volumes of traffic.

Mazda said the system is most effective in these stop-start conditions where, while working in conjunction with the manufacturer’s existing i-stop advancements, drivers can significantly extend the amount of time they can have their engine switched off while still enjoying the benefits of working electrical systems.

This new technology is the latest in fuel efficiency measures from Mazda which will make its SKYACTIV engine available to motorists in spring 2012 with the launch of the CX-5.

The completely new car utilises the SKYACTIV engine to cut its carbon dioxide emissions and further improve fuel efficiency.

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